At Positive Practice we try to provide our clients with access to a wide range of resources to enable them to build, grow and improve the efficiency of their businesses.

We have even written some books that will be of help in launching the growth spurt of your business 

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45 Minute Business Breakthroughs
How I Find £10K in Any Business in 45 Minutes

Written by Stewart Newbury, he walks you through a process he's created where he can find any business a minimum of £10,000 in just 45 minutes.

The book walks you through 8 simple strategies proven to be revenue generators for any small business.

To purchase the book please click HERE

Why Businesses Stop Growing 
And What You Can Do About It

A proven step-by-step approach which helps you accelerate the growth of your business and overcome the financial challenges that growth brings to every owner-managed business. 

A free copy of the book is given when you sign up to our Clarity Plus, Grow and Accelerate service package.  

WWHN Business Plan E-Book

Most business owners lose passion for their business simply because it doesn't grow after putting their blood, sweat and tears into it. You can grow easily with the right strategy for your business and the WWHN strategy is simply a template to allow you to do this. 

How to Build a Better Business Workbook

This workbook accompanies the How to Build a Better Business webinar and you will receive a PDF when you register. 

If you wish to register for our webinar which take place at 3pm every Monday please click here to be sent the access password.