Positive Practice is here to help owners get the most from their businesses. Our range of Service Packages are designed to meet and exceed the wishes and needs of our clients about their business whilst delivering value for money.


We provide a consistently high level of service to all clients for them to succeed and achieve their goals, however, we recognise that our clients are not all the same and may require different levels of input from us to make their business successful.

With this in mind, we have three Service Packages tailored to the intensity of support and growth you require.


ACCELERATE is our focussed service for those clients wanting maximum input to expediate their business growth.

In addition to the Progress service you will receive monthly BGS reports, IHT planning and personal balance sheet reviews as well as monthly financial review and planning meetings with your own named Positive Practice Accountant.


This service also gives you access to our BUSINESS GROWTH tools and resources.


PROGRESS helps give you an understanding of how your business measures up to maximise its potential profit generation and retention.

We will prepare quarterly financial reviews to help you stay on track with your plans and goals.

The PROGRESS package is for clients who also require pre year-end tax planning reviews.


The ESSENTIAL Package is for clients either starting out in business or with straight forward business maintenance needs.


ESSENTIAL is not just about your year-end accounts but includes useful information to help you manage the future of your Business.


What's included

Seminars and Client Updates

Each year we plan and deliver client seminars to provide our client base with the opportunity to gain valuable business and financial advice via a number of FREE half day seminar sessions.

Free software & Support

All our clients receive FREE telephone and e-mail support as part of our service, so you are not going to get a bill just because you needed to get an answer to a question.

Fees & Direct Debit scheme

All our fees are agreed "up-front", meaning you'll never get that "surprise bill". To help clients further we are offer our direct debit scheme to spread the cost of our services over several months 

Other Services supplied by Positive Practice


Help in finding  additional funding for your business


Regular client reviews to implement potential tax savings. Contact Us to discuss our various tax mitigation strategies.


For people who wish to set up or have just set up their new business


For help and advice in protecting your loved ones and ensuring transfer of your assets runs smoothly


Best business cloud accounting tools for your business


Contact Us for help and advice in getting the right financial protection insurance and pension schemes.